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Project Downtown

Project Downtown is an initiative that began with a few students that were dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with the plight of homeless and needy individuals in cities across the nation, dissatisfied with the blind eye that society has turned toward them, and dissatisfied to their own non-contribution to the betterment of their own communities. So they turned their dissatisfaction into action.

They gathered what little resources they had and passed it out in the heart of downtown, Miami. The students continued to visit their friends every Friday to offer whatever modest, unconditional gifts they could offer. But besides the physical support, Project Downtown volunteers are there every week to remember people that have been forgotten, to lend a empathic ear to their plight, and to offer words of emotional support. On multiple occasions, the downtown friends remarked "when other people come here they feed us like we are animals. But when you come, we feel the love. We feel that you truly care."

Since the giving of that first unconditional gift, Project Downtown joined hands with MSA National in the fall of 2006 to further serve our friends across the nation. The Community Service Task Force of MSA National was formed to allow the MSA students to better serve not only themselves and their university community, but the society at large. Homelessness levels are rising throughout the United States as a result of the economic crisis, we all need to get involved now, more than ever.

"We feed you for the sake of God alone, no reward do we seek, nor thanks." (Holy Qur'an,76:9).

Join the movement!

Project Downtown is a national organization that currently boasts 12 locations and we're constantly expanding.

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